Christs College Cambridge LGBTQ Wedding

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Some glorious sunshine on any wedding day is happily accepted at any time of the year. And this private, elopement-style wedding was no exception. It was a great experience to be shooting at Christ’s College. Most importantly Crist’s College Cambridge wedding photography has been on my bucket list of venues to shoot.

Of course, needless to say, it was an incredibly beautiful venue. This place even more special because one of the grooms is a Fellow of the College. Both Ray and Kerrin felt great energy on the day. Family and friends’ presence at the college, without a doubt, made it more significant and meaningful to celebrate their official union.

These two handsome men decided to hold their cocktail hour in The Fellows’ Garden. The enormous tree, that is more than 200 years old, was one of many stunning backdrops that this college had to offer. Although, Malcolm Bowie bathing pool has to be my most favourite and private corners for the couple’s portrait session as husband and husband. Blue, sparkling water simply added a luxury feel to the portrait shoot. To sum up, this wedding was touching and beautiful.
I feel incredibly honoured for the trust that Ray and Kerrin had in me. My very first LGBTQ couple’s wedding to shoot in the stunning Christ’s College and be part of their ceremony was a privilege.

Are you planning your wedding in this breathtaking college? Reach out to me for a consultation and a meetup either in my studio or in your preferred location. How about a walk around this well-looked after garden? At the end of the day having your wedding photographs and albums printed will help you keep your memories fresh. That’s why it’s important to meet your photographer as you’d meet with the caterers and cake makers.

Love and laughter


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