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When I was given the chance to photograph the most precious diamond rings from London Victorian Ring & Co I was absolutely thrilled. I had to plan and research how could I tell a  story of the rings that have been created with love for expressing eternal love. This task wasn’t hard as simply holding these platinum rings were already inspiring. And since it was the beginning of spring I decided to incorporate the blossoms from my own garden. This tied in perfectly as the start of a new story.

London Victorian Ring & Co is based in the heart of London. They are a British based company that has a history of 125 years. They specialise in creating luxury platinum rings not only with diamonds but also with coloured gemstones. The designs of these jewellery patterns have been passed on from the beginning of the 20th century without a fail. Their designs also include Art Deco, Edwardian and obviously, Victorian.

Hatton Gardens London is a place to visit when you are planning a stylish engagement. And if you are a lover of luxurious Victorian and Georgian styles, make sure you visit London Victorian Ring & Co. I’m certain you won’t regret it.

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