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Vogue or Vanity Fair cover? Most definitely one of my favourite creative shoots so far for personal branding for a photographer. I had the honour of taking the portraits of an amazing fellow photographer Maya Stoyanova. Well before the shoot, Maya and I discussed the look and feel we wanted to portray in her images. Many ideas were thrown in and details tweaked about, but in the end, it was such a great experience working with such a beautiful and talented photographer. She isn’t just a fantastic photographer, she also is an amazing model full of creative ideas on the go.

Thank you for letting me photograph you, Maya! Being a personal branding photographer is tricky for another creative. yet it’s always so much fun to get together and talk about everything and anything photography, motherhood and generally being a woman in business.

As entrepreneurs, today we are our business. We all need photographs that reflect our real ourselves. Photos that bring us and our brand to life. Photos that make potential customers see us before they start working with us. And of course, capturing your essence is essential. No one is an exception. The images on your website and social media are usually the first things that your potential clients want to see, even before they start reading about you. As the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”. So why don’t we make beautiful and true images for you? What’s stopping you to be different and stand out in your market/ niche?

To book a complimentary consultation with me where we can discuss the details of your personal portrait photoshoot please contact me via the link here. Allow me to show you and guide you through this process. It’s my job to help business owners to see themselves in a different light. To check more of Maya’s work, please click here.

Love and laughter

Jasmine x